Platinum Electrical Solutions have one main belief – ‘highest standard’. This is applied to everything, from installing an extra socket to an entirely new building management system to customer service. We believe if we maintain the standards, you the customer will be happier and hence our lives will be better. As word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising we want all our customers to be impressed and recommending us to friends/colleagues/business partners. We intend to do this by providing an honest and reliable service. With engineers who take pride in their work. We will always work hard to improve, whether that is through continued training and qualifications or an organised positive attitude which enables us to keep on learning through experience. Always striving to do better!

Health and safety is of massive importance to pes. We don’t want to put you or us in any danger, so we do everything by the book! All health and safety regulations are conformed to; this is the only way to ensure an impeccable safety record.

With regards to pricing, we want to be fair! Give you the customer a competitive price, whilst paying engineers a fair rate and making a profit (what all businesses are set up for). We will be transparent, giving breakdowns of cost and explain charges clearly before work is carried out. Once both parties are happy – let work commence!

In brief we offer highest standard electrical installation and maintenance

You have the problem we have the solution!!!