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An Electrical Installation Condition Report provides a comprehensive assessment of the condition of an electrical system. To evaluate the system’s condition, a series of technical tests are conducted:


    • Insulation resistance: This test measures the condition of cable insulation in ohms. Typically, older systems exhibit lower readings.
    • Earth loop impedance: This test ensures a good connection to the earth and verifies that circuit resistance is low enough for the breaker or RCBO to operate within the required time during fault conditions. The values adhere to BS7671-18th edition standards.
    • RCD test: This test verifies that all installed RCDs and RCBOs operate within the required timeframes specified in BS7671-18th edition.
  •  In addition to the technical tests, a thorough visual inspection is performed, including a functional test of all accessories, and verification of the system’s conformity to British standards. Upon completion, a NICEIC-approved contractor report is generated.

This report provides detailed information about the tests conducted, the extent of the system inspected, any failures detected, and their severity. Failures are classified using a coding system from 1 to 3:


  • Code 1: Requires immediate attention – Represents the most serious and high-risk faults, such as arcing in the supply that could lead to a fire. An electrical danger notification may be issued, and the system may need to be shut down.
  • Code 2: Requires urgent attention – Indicates no immediate danger, but there could be a high risk in the event of a fault. Examples include the absence of bonding or exposed conductive parts that could become live during a fault.
  • Code 3: Improvement recommended – Signifies no immediate danger, and the system is safe. However, there is potential for improvement through upgrades or repairs.

At Platinum Electrical Solutions, we conduct EICRs for various types of buildings, with the following frequency of inspections:


    • Landlord demise of blocks of flats: Routine yearly check or every 5 years.
    • Domestic (houses/flats): Change of occupancy or every 10 years.
    • Commercial: Routine yearly check, change of occupancy, or every 5 years.
    • Buildings open to the public: Routine yearly check, every 3-5 years depending on building type.
    • Educational: Routine check every 4 months or every 5 years.

HMOs and residential accommodation: Routine yearly check or every 5 years. Rest assured that all our EICR works comply with BS7671-18th edition standards.

Platinum Electrical Solutions, based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, proudly serves all surrounding areas. Contact us today for reliable and compliant Electrical Installation Condition Reports.

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